Top 60 of 2010


01. Elek-Tro Junkies feat. Therese – Neon Lights (Bassmonkeys Club Mix)
02. Staxx – Joy (Bimbo Jones Remix)
03. St. James – Can’t Be Without You (Paul Anthony & ZXX Remix)
04. Nick & Danny Chatelain – Rumba (Edu Reyes Remix)
05. Tanja La Croix – Need More (D.O.N.S. Remix)
06. Henry John Morgan – Good (Original Mix)
07. Sam Walkertone feat. Francis Matthew – Then I Remember (Original Mix)
08. E.N.R. – You Keep On Waiting (Original Mix)
09. Peyton vs. Eric Kupper – Here I Am (Original Mix)
10. Larrakin – Breaking Love (Subgroover Remix)

11. Barbara Tucker – Feelin’ Like A Superstar (Josh Harris Club Mix)
12. Camille Jones – The Truth (7th Heaven Club Mix)
13. Nicola Fasano vs. Ultra Naté – No Wasted Hearts (Chriss Ortega Pirates Mix)
14. Granmaster Issy – Don’t Get Me Wong (Dub)
15. Rasmus Faber & Alf Tumble feat. Candi Staton – Wilder Side (Original Mix)
16. LNM Projekt feat. Elise – Watching Me Move (Original Funky House Mix)
17. Belocca & Soneec feat. Chappell – What A Feeling (Canard & Lauer Remix)
18. Jason Chance – That Rhythm (D.O.N.S. Remix)
19. Groovesplitters & Evelyn Thomas feat. The Lovely Laura on Sax – High Energy (Trilogy Project Remix)
20. Dummie Project & Marcos Rodriguez feat. Estela Martin – A Taste Of Ibiza (Simon Kaye Remix)

21. Dion Mavath feat. Kandace Lindsey – Wait So Long (Original Mix)
22. J Nitti feat. Plavka – Surrender (Original Mix)
23. Kwan Hendry feat. Max Urban – You’re All I Need (Christopher S & Mike Candys Remix)
24. Consoul Trainin feat. Joan Kolova – Beautiful (Omikron Remix)
25. Kristine W – The Power Of Music (Groove Police Big Daddy Club Mix)
26. Laselva – Falling (Club Mix)
27. Starchaser feat. Nachang Nancy – So Good (Original Mix)
28. Mikaela – Forever Mine (Genius Club Mix)
29. DJ Jose – Killer Emotion (AVI 2.0 Remix)
30. Sandy Chambers – Cloud n° 9 (Favretto Extended Remix)

31. Moonbeam feat. Avis Vox – The Lilt (Abebe Bekeela & Alex Batiqua Remix)
32. Hot Toddy feat. Danielle Moore – Freekend (Ron Basejam Remix)
33. Samuele Sartini feat. Amanda Wilson – Love U Seek (Bassmonkeys Remix)
34. CyberSutra feat. Marcia Juell – Fly Away (Rossko Club Mix)
35. Fused feat. Lia Rae – French Kissing (Slider & Magnit Remix)
36. Moosak feat. Nathalia – Fire (Grande Vue Remix)
37. The One Hundred – Break Me Down (Bellatrax Remix)
38. Annagrace – Celebration (Extended Mix)
39. DJ Mog feat. Sarah Lynn – Somewhere (Extended Mix)
40. Bass Kleph feat. Chris Arnott – Where Do We Go (Club Mix)

41. Jeremy De Koste – Drive Me Insane (Original Mix)
42. Jameerah – All Eyes On Me (Bassmonkeys Extended Mix)
43. Ryan Ferrada – Dirty In The Club (Digital Dog Club Mix)
44. Carol Hahn – Into the Night (Groove Police Club Mix)
45. Andy Duguid feat. Donna & Anthony – My Number (Summer Mix)
46. Basshunter – Saturday (Digital Dog Club Mix)
47. DJ Jesus Luz & Alexandra Prince – Dangerous (Twice Nice Remix)
48. Homeaffairs feat. C. Robert Walker – The Only Way Is Up (Bigroom Mix)
49. Chris B feat. Angie Brown – Heaven With You (Club Mix)
50. Mobin Master feat. Stephen Pickup – Feel The Rush (Lowkiss Remix)

51. Africano – Jiganaan (Bana Kuba Mix)
52. Mike Candys – People Hold On (MDK Mix)
53. Kato vs. DJ Jose feat. Jon – Turn The Lights Off (Extended Version)
54. Paul Gardner & Hugh Gunnell feat. Marcella Woods – Come Get My Lovin’ (Mish Mash Mix)
55. Matt Slater – Dark Heaven (Original Mix)
56. Samantha James – Waves Of Change (Andy Caldwell Remix)
57. Max Zotti & DJ Umile – Sky High (Pain & Rossin Remix)
58. Oceana – Cry Cry (DJ Fisun Extended Mix)
59. Colorbeat – Shake It With You (Extended Mix)
60. Pete Tha Zouk, Abigail Bailey & Mastercris – I’m Back Again (Original Extended Mix)

Year End guest annual guest mix. This year was role model and mentor DJ Mike Rizzo. Tracklist includes House Music Only’s Top 10 Tracks of 2010 plus 4 of Rizzo’s current and future remixes. The show ends with the Rizzo Remix that was Grammy nominated for Best Remix this year.

DJ Mike RizzoHouse Music Only – Best of 2010 Guest Mix

  1. Henry John Morgan – Good (Original Mix)
  2. St. James – Can’t Be Without You (Paul Anthony & ZXX Remix)
  3. Angelica – Knockoff (Mike Rizzo Funk Generation Club Mix)
  4. Staxx – Joy (Bimbo Jones Remix)
  5. Sam Walkertone feat. Francis Matthew – Then I Remember (Original Mix)
  6. Mask Munkeys – This Night (Mike Rizzo Funk Generation Club Mix)
  7. Elek-Tro Junkies feat. Therese – Neon Lights (Bassmonkeys Club Mix)
  8. Peyton vs. Eric Kupper – Here I Am (Original Mix)
  9. Larrakin – Breaking Love (Subgroover Remix)
  10. Alyssa Rubino – Keep On Dancing (Mike Rizzo Funk Generation Club Mix)
  11. Nick & Danny Chatelain – Rumba (Edu Reyes Remix)
  12. Taio Cruz feat. Travie McCoy – Higher (Ultimate High Mix)
  13. Tanja La Croix – Need More (D.O.N.S. Remix)
  14. Sergio Mendes – Orpheus (Quiet Carnival) (Mike Rizzo Funk Generation Mix)

Top 10 Favorite DJs of 2010

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