Zach Kinsey

Welcome to my website. I’m a life long musician who has been covering House and Latin music for over fifteen years.

From 2006-2012, House Music Only covered only the best in house music. I am a music programmer at heart who from childhood has been on a search to bring joy and pleasure to others through music discovery. In those days searching the web for new music was a pain. I thought it would be a helpful tool to create my own blog that focused only on house music. To my delight many DJ’s and house music lovers agreed and readership grew.

Three years later, I created a podcast; House Music Only presents that featured the best tracks from the blog. This series ran from 2009-2011. I had tons of fun doing this, but after the death of my Grandmother I lost the passion and time to focus on House Music Only and thus I took a break from blogging.

Talented Superfan is a playlist series focused on showcasing fresh talent of Latin and House Music. The main objective of the series is to introduce a new generation to Melanie Thornton the former lead singer of La Bouche.

She will always be a part of what I do because she inspires me with her beauty, stage presence and talent. We lost her way too soon in 2001 to a terrible plane crash just as she was beginning her solo career.

Check out my original house music collaborations with Russian producer Andrey Exx.