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Talented: Top 20 – Melanie Thornton

Talented: Top 20 – La Bouche

Melanie Thornton Project

Melanie Thornton Project – Napkin – Baila Conmigo – 2018

Sweet Dreams Fulfilled, The Melanie Thornton Story by Lois Chisolm

Check out the official Melanie Thornton story as told by her sister and former manager Lois Chisolm.

Talented Superfan interview with Lane McCray of La Bouche


Today we catch up with Lane McCray from La Bouche to get his thoughts on the beginning of La Bouche, working with Melanie and process.

Tell us about the day you first met Melanie.  The first time I physically met Mel was at her house. I was covering for a guy in a band she sang with so I went to her house to meet and to rehearse.

What was it like the first time you heard her sing? I was like wow!


What was the first song you two sang together? Diamonds and Pearls by Prince

Hip House – Melanie thought you had the look for the group calling you the handsome and charming Air Force member. How did she ask you to join on her adventure of love? – She asked if I was interested and I said yes!

Air Force – Tell us about your service. What was it like singing in the air force group Tops in Blue?  At the time La Bouche developed I had been in the USAF for 15 years… and Tops in Blue was a very important part of my process of learning and very disciplined.

Do you have any videos? There are some. Ideas out there on YouTube.

Producer Power – Tell us about Uli Brenner and Armir Saraf. What was the working relationship like? For me it was all new and so I took it all in. Amir really is a talented guy I kinda clicked with him and his style.

What was your and Melanie’s song writing process? That depended on if we got the track ahead of time, if we created the track or if it was already done so that varied.


What do you love most of Germany? What I still love about it are it’s people and the way of life here.

Tell us about the first tour of Italy. It was organized chaos we love and thank Italy for landing us on the map.

Sweet Dreams – What does this song mean to you? It means it’s sweet to live your dreams and I am so blessed to be able to do what I love as a living.

What do the fans mean to you? The fans are everything without them there is no us! Period.

What are your musical inspirations? Everyone influences me but at heart I am a house head lover . MAW, Strictly Rhythm, David Morales, Frankie Knuckles, Michael  WatfordColonel Abrams.

Superfan 01 – La Bouche – 2017