Zach Kinsey



Hi, my name is Zach Kinsey and I am your programmer, host and the Talented Superfan. I have been covering great talent and music for almost twenty-five years.

Since 2006, House Music Only has covered only the best in house music. I am a music programmer who from childhood has been on a search to bring joy and pleasure to others through music.


My grandmother was my first inspiration and role model. She taught elementary music and church choir. She was like a mother to me and my best friend because we shared one very important thing passion for music. As a young man growing up I was a choir boy, church boy, worship leader, opera singer in training. College life didn’t work out for me.


Shortly after my grandfather died I moved back home to be with my best friend. It was during this time I created my first brand, House Music Only. I created the House Music Only blog in 2007 to feature only house music. At the time blogging was new and it was a pain to discover new music. I thought it would be a helpful tool. I then found this an outlet for my musical creativity. I found that many DJ’s and music lovers agreed and it became a passion to share my love. Three years later, I wanted to make a podcast to feature my Top 10 Tracks of the Month and asked friend DJ Punzo to be my DJ. Thus began the Monthly Mix monthly podcast series. It ran from 2009-2011. I had tons of fun doing this, but after the death of my Grandmother I lost the passion and time to focus on House Music Only.


After a six year break from making music I am back and on a mission to share love and encourage others. I will share and cover the media that moves me and beauty that inspires me. Make powerful playlists that celebrate real talent. Work with Talented people to make beautiful music. Show the world who Melanie Thornton is!

Join me everyday as we learn more about Latin Dance Music. We will discover new talent, honor house and reggaeton history, and dig deeper into the producers and artists we love.

Talented Superfan History

June 18, 2009 – House Music Only – My first blog was place for coverage of all things house music only.

July 1, 2007- May 2011 – House Music Only: Monthly Mix – Showcase Podcast

September 11, 2017 – Latin Dance Music – music recommendations, powerful playlists and coverage of the future of Latin Dance Music.

February 8, 2018 – Talented Superfan Music – original music production of new Latin Dance Music and recreation of classic House Music.