Talented Superfan Music


What is Talented Superfan Music?

I created Talented Superfan music to create brand new updates to my favorite classic House Music and produce house inspired Spanish/English Latin Dance Music.

I will blend twenty years of experience in Vocal Performance, House, and Latin Dance music to create the perfect sound in collaboration with fresh producers and performers of house and latin dance music.

What kind of music will we create?

House music, Latin Dance Music, Reggaeton, Spanglish.

Current Project


Melanie Thornton: Freedom Forever – Part I – Fall 2018

The Superfan Tribute Album

  1. Napkin – Be My Lover (Latin Dance Remake)
  2. Andrey Exx – Sweet Dreams (House Music Only Remake)

Talented Top 20 – Melanie Thornton

What does Talented Superfan stand for?

Talented represents the producers and performers of Latin Dance Music and House.

Superfan represents the sound and artists that inspire me.