La Bouche – Sueños (Sweet Dreams – Spanish Version) (US Version) [1994]

Talented Superfan presents – Talented: Top 20 – Melanie Thornton



Talented Superfan presents – Superfan 01 – Melanie Thornton: Wonderful Dream – 2017

This Superfan Playlist captures the beauty of Wonderful Dream, Melanie’s most covered and beloved Christmas single. Watch as many different groups and artists cover Wonderful Dream and relive some of La Bouche’s major hits.


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Coca Cola Christmas Commercial / Weihnachten Werbung 2018 – Melanie Thornton – Wonderful Dream

Melanie’s Christmas song for Coca-Cola Wonderful Dream will live in forever just like her memory and wonderful catalog of work.

On Talented Superfan presents Superfan 01 – Melanie Thornton you can see all the many people she has touched with their covers of Wonderful Dream from middle school choir and bands, church groups, pop singers, bass players and drummers. Check out all these wonderful covers.