Superfan 38 – Monoir – April 2022

Superfan 38 – Monoir – April 2022

Superfan: The Ultimate Collection – All the hits, classics, and current music videos and remixes.

This spring I bring you the very awesome producer/songwriter/vocalist Monoir of Romania. He brings the most perfect house/pop dance sound and beautiful beats.

Monoir, Osaka, Brianna – The Violin Song
Kate Linn, Monoir – Durum
Monoir, Brianna – Shadows
Mihaela Marinova – Need You (by Monoir)
Monoir, Junatek – Marrakech
Starla Edney – Queen of Hearts (by Monoir)
Brianna – Lost in Istanbul (by Monoir)
Dharia – August Diaries (by Monoir)
Kate Linn – Your Love (by Monoir)
Karla, Monoir – Lonely
YellLow – Black Waters (by Monoir)
Kate Linn – Thunderlike (by Monoir)
Monoir – The Drum Song
Dharia – Sugar & Brownies (by Monoir)
Kate Linn – Eye to Eye (by Monoir)
Yoana – Fiesta (English Version) (by Monoir)
Akcent, Sierra – Without You (by Monoir)
Monoir, Eneli – 3 to 1
4Magic – Together (Vecherai, Rado) (by Monoir)
Behind The Music – Cristian Tarcea (Monoir)

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