Talented Superfan : Grief Tips

Eight years ago I lost my grandmother, Shirley Kinsey. She was like a mother to me and my best friend. We had a very close relationship. My mother was an absent so my grandparents on my dad’s side filed the job of second parent for my sister and I.

Mamaw taught elementary music, church choirs, played handbells, taught Sunday school and even was a Pink Lady at the hospital. This women touched so many lives. I hear about them every week. It brings me so much joy to hear stories like “I had your grandma for music” or “Your grandma taught me to believe in myself.”

Why did she change so many lives? Why did I feel so much love when I was with her? Pure LOVE. Yes I’m talking about real love. She taught me what real love is and how to give it to others.

Here are three things I do to connect with her and they work –

  1. Quarterly Silk Flowers for Grave Site – Very easy and affordable. Just visit your local flower shop and they will help you.
  2. Wifi Password – Change your wifi password to their phone number. So every time someone wants to use your Wifi you have to tell them about your loved one.
  3. Music Reflection – Using music to connect with lost loved ones works wonders. I use music from La Bouche and Melanie Thornton because it talks mostly about love, encouragement and dance forever. I just close my eyes and dance with My loved one and Melanie too.

These three thing really work. All you have to do is listen and seek to hear the message. Try it, let me know what you do to connect. Peace and love. Happy Birthday Mamaw on what would of been your 83rd Birthday!


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