Superfan: Total Experience YouTube Playlists by Talented Superfan with Zach Kinsey


Hello, my name is Zach Kinsey and I am Talented Superfan. I started this website to share my experience and love for true talent and great music.

Zach Kinsey – I have been making and covering music for over 25 years focusing and studying choral, classical, opera, spiritual, christian, house and now latin music.

Since childhood I’ve taken part in many choral groups and bands, worked on solo projects, had weekly voice lessons and led worship two nights a week. Good worship leaders are really great DJ’s btw!  I majored in vocal performance in college but sadly university was not for me. Real house music touches my heart and molds my soul.

House Music Only – In 2007 streaming music was new and so was blogging. I thought it was such a pain to discover real house music for I do not care for techno and trance. So I created my first project House Music Only. My blog covered house music only through my playlists and daily discoveries. To my delight many like minded house music lovers and DJ’s agreed. I cherish being able to connect with so many great people.

House Music Only presents: DJ Punzo – Monthly Mix – In 2009 I started my podcast – House Music Only: Monthly Mix with Zach Kinsey mixed by DJ Punzo. The Monthly Mix was my monthly celebration of great house music and producers. Format included beta episodies, live stream experiments, countdown format, pure DJ mixes, collaborative playlists and label spotlight guest mixes.

Superfan – In February of 2015 I was turning the big 30 and my sister took me on my first cruise to celebrate the milestone.

Music is the best journal and yearbook anyone can have.

I Love building playlists around one song or artist. You never know what might be revealed.

For some reason I was listening to the Best of La Bouche and Melanie Thornton. There was one single from her solo career called Talking About Love that became the theme song of the adventure. When I got home I dug deeper into La Bouche and thus started what I now know is the Superfan process of artist discovery and appreciation.

Talented – In the summer of 2017, I was looking for something fun and different to do with my niece Kylie who was 7 at the time. We had just had an outing of playing lazer tag and rock climbing. I wanted to top that and I thought I had the perfect plan. Record a cover of a La Bouche song together. I have memories of going to Six Flags Astroworld in Houston, Texas and recording my own little karkare tape. I wanted to do this with Kylie. I needed an instrumental track for us so I asked my former DJ where I could find one in my budget. He said I should ask someone I used to promote for. I did and was shocked by the price! It was a little out of my budget but I was happy to know what such a work would cost.

Talented Superfan Music – Because the Superfan had finished his journey of discovery of La Bouche and Melanie Thornton. During this journey he was moved by Melanie’s message of love and encouragement, her beauty and stage presence, her voice, and total talent. She moved me through her music to take a journey to celebrate and educate the world about her message, music and life.

I will collaborate with today’s top producers of Latin Dance Music and House Music to produce Blended Language Vocal House Music that honors history and creates dance memories for the future.

Check out Superfan : Total Talent Experience

Superfan 01La Bouche

Superfan 01Melanie Thornton

Superfan 02BrunOG

Superfan 03Dennis Fernando

Superfan 04Maluma

Superfan 05Yandar y Yostin

Superfan 06RKM y Ken-Y

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