Superfan Saturday 01 – BrunOG : The Mexican Maestro – 01/06/2018

BrunOG is my favorite Latin Dance Music producer.
He has it all – DJ, producer and vocalist.
At age 24 BrunOG has a produced many singles and albums. Check out his Spotify playlists below.
He also develops artists through his label S Tu Di O mx which has a roster of great talent such as BrunOG’s pop group with his sisters, MKN Makenna, rap duo Tony Money & Young Miky T.Y. and male vocalist Chel Maya.
BrunOG was nominated for a Latin Grammy in 2017 and produces all styles of music from house, reggaeton, trap and regional.
This year Talented Superfan will dig deeper to learn about BrunOG, his label, writing process, Mexico City and all the people that influence his sound and message!

Superfan 02 – BrunOG – 2017

Super Playlists –

Produced By BrunOG and Friends


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