Talented Superfan – History

House Music Only – June 18, 2006 – I started to get into dance music back in 2004 when I went away to college to major in vocal performance and music education. This was during the early days of streaming audio and video when it was a pain to discover new music. I thought it would be a helpful tool to create a blog that showcased House Music Only. During these years the blog became an outlet for my musical creativity.  To my delight many DJ’s and music lovers agreed.

House Music Only presents – July 1, 2009 – Three years later, I started The Monthly Mix Podcast to feature and spotlight the only best House Music Only with friend DJ Punzo. The Monthly Mix was my monthly message of love, encouragement and celebration of talented musicians. It ran from 2009-2011. Check out the show below!

Talented Superfan – September 11, 2017 – The company I formed to make online home entertainment that focuses on live performance and documentaries.

Latin Dance Music – January 1, 2018 – My new project is the ultimate dance discovery filled with lots of love and respect for Talented producers and performers. I will collaborate and make impactful spanish/english blended house music.