Official Launch : January 1, 2018

11-24-2017 (1)

Follow my talent Celebration and home entertainment Dance Movement Experiment! I love all styles of Music and live to recommend true talent to others. I’m the Superfan so let’s go on daily House Music Only trips of Musical Discovery!

Talented Superfan with Zach Kinsey​ – Superfan Stories of Talented Producers and Performers. Blended Language Vocal House Music to Mold the Future. Music with Message of Love and Beauty. Spread Love & Develop Others!

Official Launch : January 1, 2018

Signature Stories & Talent Shows

Latin Dance Music | New Music Coverage : Producer Power & Total Talent : BrunOG, Dennis Fernando, King Swiftt

House Music OnlyDJ Mixes & Performance : Timeless Classics – Melanie Thornton, DJ Punzo, Zach Kinsey

House Music Only TV | Performance and Playlists : Talented Superfan Power Playlists & Live Performances.
 Talented Superfan | News & Interviews : Blended Language House Music – USA, Columbia, Mexico, Puerto Rico.

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